It was a friend that suggested to me that I should start a business, that friend posted the story on his widely exposed Facebook page – he gave me a platform! I want to repay the kindness by building a platform under others and as it turns out, this business has joyously turned into a family affair! Please check things out and see where your spirit takes you!



Chris “Dad” & Patricia “Mom” Beauvais

Dad and I look at books of rocks together. Give the man a spool of silver or copper and a hammer and his Mercy spirit draws from nature to produce some of the most creative, elegant works of art. 
Mom has a superb eye for the unique. Her spirit pulls out the underdog colors, the out there, big and bold shapes and brings together statement pieces to express something in jewelry that words haven’t discovered yet.What is your spirit trying to say?

Michael & Britt

Michael & Brittney Beauvais

Michael and Brittney are young, in love and have a hip, cool vibe! They’ve been married forever and have 3 fantastic kiddos <3

Michael enjoys working with metals and wire wrapping. He gets it honest. Bezel setting, the pickling, the sanding and polishing – that’s his THING. 

Brittney enjoys wrapping and braiding with a variety of materials and has lots of ideas as she grows. Both of them design with an eclectic flair for color and motion.

What's hidden in YOUR Spirit?

Family, Friends & YOU

What treasures are hidden in YOUR spirit waiting to be expressed? There is a myriad of ways to discover what’s unpacked inside you. I offer this as an opportunity for you to join in on the fun! If you would like to give yourself a chance to see if there is something there to unpack and plan on being in town,  contact us to potentially schedule a visit to sit at the table and create with us!