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In my journey of design discovery, we found that God put a unique language in my spirit that’s desperate to be heard – I speak rock! Wha??? I know! It’s weird right! Rocks of all kinds have filled my pockets since I was a little girl and it would be my delight to help find yours!

You bring your abstract idea, the emotion you want to feel, the story you want to tell, the event you want to commemorate and I will work with you to drill down to the essence of it.

When we have discovered that, my spirit will go to work to source THE rough stone from wherever in the world it is as well as the lapidary artist with the spirit and ability to unpack that beauty in the stone before delivering it to you.

You set your price point and pay upfront via PayPal, but there must be a minimum of $300 in order for me to source quality rough and lapidary services.

If you want your stone to be set for jewelry, that will be entirely up to you. If you visit our Shop, you can see some possibilities!

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February 2019

Mississippi Gem, Mineral, Fossil & Jewelry Show

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