WELCOME! You are hereby cordially invited to embark with me on a journey of design!

My story unapologetically taken from the Sapphire Leadership Group Facebook page:


Pamela was listening to  “Healing  Womanhood when she came across the section on Esther and how she was desired for the right thing, not the expected thing. It prompted the following exchange between us around noon my time.

* * *

Pamela: Esther – Desired for essence…. that’s wow.

Arthur: I liked that one. No LBD for her.

Pamela: We’re supposed to desire the thing that makes us desirable?? That’s a thought I have to chew on!

Arthur: You are made to desire the things that make you desirable. If you don’t naturally desire that, then someone has robbed you of your natural desire. One girl plays dolls. The other plays softball. Natural desires the culture accepts.

Pamela: Whew, I gotta think, thank, thunk about that one!

Arthur: So, what do you desire the most when you have discretionary time and money? Where do you default to play?

Pamela: I usually want to go see something. Like see a place I haven’t seen before.

Arthur: SEEEEEEEEEEEE! Your passion is so not legitimized you can’t even see it, much less say it. If you had time, money, transportation and a good back you would spend your best time working with stones of all kinds. Finding them, processing them and envisioning what could be done with them. This is your passion. It is what God put in you. It is something that the enemy did not break or defile. It is exquisitely you. However, there is not a socially familiar grid for girl prospectors, therefore your passion for geology is humored with a pat on the head and a condescending remark. But really, how would it feel to be independently wealthy, and to be known around the US as one of the most innovative, Spirit led prospectors, who can find exactly THE stone that fits this or that spiritual situation? How would you feel if someone called you up a year in advance of their wedding and shared their story and asked you to find and finish THE stone that would be symbolic of their life together? How would you feel if the Christian governor of a state called you up and asked you to find and finish a stone that would capture his heart for his administration? Could you be at peace, and fulfilled, being the women who knows the spirituality of stones and, given enough time and enough budget, would know where in the world to go to find the stone that has the spiritual dynamics needed to express some huge event or covenant?

Pamela: I think I would grow wings and fly

Arthur: I rest my case.

Pamela: WOOOOOOOOOOOO I just keep reading this…folks are going to wonder why I’m shouting. OOOO and I’ve always kinda wanted to own my own rock shop. BUT REALLY THO – The word ‘desire’ just took an entirely new meaning

Arthur: THAT was my purpose in doing the teaching.

Pamela: SCORE. 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

Arthur: So why don’t you go into business from home? You be the broker. You buy from sources, find the lapidaries to do what you want, and then you deliver it to the person. Every job is a custom job, they pay up front. You have no money out of pocket, don’t need to buy any equipment at this time, no rush jobs accepted, ever. You receive a request, mull over it for a few weeks, begin to search the market and when you find the right stone, you get it and ponder it some more before sending it to a lapidary. All at a Mercy’s pace, led by your spirit. I can put a blurb on FB this afternoon, and you will be in business tonight.

* * *
By 3:00 p.m. my time she was in business.

URL has been purchased.

Business license is scheduled for tomorrow.

Business email is: LivelyStonesRock@outlook.com

And THAT is how we roll at SLG.

Design leads to desire, which leads to being desired at the right time, in the right place, while doing the right thing for the Kingdom.

And let me tell you: Pamela knows her gemstones and a whole lot more mineralogy.